Hot tips you need to know!

Layer up

Did you know translucent FLOSSé manicures can be worn on their own or layered  on top of other FLOSSé polish? They can also be layered on top of coloured traditional polish. Just be sure to do a test nail first and check your polish is compatible. Also a heads up, when layering on top of traditional polish you can't lift the FLOSSé polish and realign. You'll need to get it right first time.


2 manicures 1 pack, FLOSSé with a friend

Your FLOSSé manicure comes with 16 polish strips. If you're careful you can cut each strip in half and get two full manicures. One for you and one for a friend, or give your toes a go! Cut your strips in half before peeling off the backing paper, and cut or carefully peel the silver tab off.


Get a second life from your manicure

The nail tip is the first part of your FLOSSé manicure to show wear around day 5. Using sharp nail scissors or nail clippers, you can trim your nails and manicure to create a new clean edge. Your FLOSSé manicure will look just like new!


Buff your nails first for best results

Give your nails a quick buff first. Buffing gives the nails a better surface for your FLOSSé manicure to adhere to, and it will last longer. Be sure to wash your hands well after buffing.


Use a hair dryer to warm your wraps & remove a crease

Nail wraps are much easier to apply when warm, especially thicker styles like glitters and fluros. For best results, make sure you start with warm hands. You can gently warm each nail wrap in the palm of your hand prior to peeling off the backing paper. Alternatively you can very gently use a hair dryer, don't get too close though! A hair dryer can also come in handy to warm a wrap to remove an accidental crease.