How To

> Application

> Extend the life of your wraps

> Removal


Applying your FLOSSé nail wraps manicure

Icon of washing hands

Ensure nails are filed evenly to your desired shape and length. Wash your hands with soap to remove all hand creams, sunscreens and oils then dry thoroughly. Gently push back cuticles if required.

Icon of FLOSSé manicure nail sizes
Starting with your little finger, choose the best size to fit your nail. Peel off top plastic protection film. Holding the silver tab, gently peel FLOSSé nail wrap from the backing paper. Try to avoid touching the backing adhesive.
Icon of applying FLOSSé nail
Line up the FLOSSé nail wrap with the base of your nail. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you can carefully lift up and realign if needed. Ensure the FLOSSé nail wrap is not placed over your cuticle or skin as this will cause it to not adhere properly.
Icon of pressing down FLOSSé polish
Using your thumb, smooth the FLOSSé nail wrap from the base towards the tip of the your nail, then smooth sides. Apply pressure all over to ensure a smooth finish and good seal. Bend the excess wrap over the tip of your nail.
Icon of filing nails

File the excess FLOSSé nail wrap off and you're done!

Try to avoid getting your new manicure wet for 2 hours.


Extend the life of your FLOSSé nail wraps manicure

FLOSSé nail wraps don't like heavy oils from moisturisers, makeup and sunscreens. Oils can melt the adhesive of your nail wraps, so be sure to wash your hands with soap after use and help your manicure last.

Applying a top coat can extend the life of your FLOSSé nail wraps and adds some extra gloss. Be sure to apply it across the filed edge of your fingernail. Reapply on the filed edge in a few days as it wears off.

Top coats we recommend:

  • INM Out The Door
  • Sephora Brilliance and Shine Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat
  • Rimmel London Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat
  • Revlon Gel Top Coat
Other top coats may be suitable too. It's a good idea to do a test on one nail first. Check that the top coat doesn't shrink or melt your FLOSSé manicure before applying to all nails.

Removing your FLOSSé nail wraps manicure

For best results remove by soaking your fingers in warm water for about 8 minutes. You can then slowly peel your FLOSSé nail wraps off from the bottom corner of your nail bed towards the tip of your finger nail. Straight after a hot shower is a great time.

Wash your hands with soap and you're done. Be sure to dispose of your FLOSSé manicure responsibly. A nail polish remover with Acetone can also be used but it's a lot more effort!